J’Pura Warna 47th Colors Awarding Ceremony: A Night of Celebration and Excellence

Sportswomen and sportsmen from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura gathered in anticipation for the prestigious 47th Colors Awarding Ceremony, held at the Hotel Grand Mondo, Homagama, on the memorable evening of March 27th.

With People’s Bank leading as the main sponsor, esteemed figures such as Mr. Sujeewa Rajapaksa, Chairman of People’s Bank, and Senior Professor Pathmalal M. Manage graced the event as Chief Guest and Guest of Honor respectively, adding to the grandeur of the occasion.

Highlighting the university’s triumphant hat-trick victory at the Sri Lanka University Games 2023, over 500 outstanding individuals across various sports were awarded with the esteemed title of colorsmen, alongside the heartfelt recognition of the dedicated coaches who guided them to success.

The evening unfolded with mesmerizing performances by the university’s talented dancing troupe, complemented by inspiring addresses from Mrs. Nishanthi Vidanage, Director of the Department of Physical Education, as well as the esteemed Chief Guest and Guest of Honor.

The pinnacle of the event arrived with the presentation of Special Awards to those athletes who had transcended university boundaries with their exceptional skill and talent, followed by awards for the Best Players in each sport. However, the crowning moments of the night were reserved for the most outstanding individuals.

Ms. Srimali Samarakoon, a star in Weightlifting, was hailed as the Most Outstanding Sportswoman of the night, her achievements resonating with excellence and determination. Meanwhile, Mr. Virunaka Hendahewa was honored as the Most Outstanding Sportsman for his remarkable consistency and skill in Table Tennis.

As the curtains drew on this unforgettable evening, Mr. Srinath Udayachandran, President of the Sports Council for the year 23/25, extended his heartfelt gratitude to all those who played a pivotal role behind the scenes, ensuring the success of this remarkable event. With hearts filled with pride and admiration, attendees departed, carrying the memories of camaraderie, triumph, and the spirit of sporting excellence.