The Leadership Training Program, catered specifically to the first-year students of the esteemed Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, concluded successfully on Thursday, June 22nd, on the spacious grounds of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. This program was meticulously organized through a collaborative effort between the Physical Education Unit and the Sports Council of the University.

Commencing the event, an invigorating aerobic session served as the initial warm-up activity, aimed at preparing the students for the activities that lay ahead. Following this, the students were divided into teams and presented with a diverse range of tasks. These tasks were carefully designed to foster the development of strategic decision-making skills, as well as to cultivate leadership abilities within the teams, all while promoting a competitive yet instructive atmosphere.

The program continued until 4 PM in the evening, with a subsequent feedback session facilitated by the Physical Education Instructors. During this session, the instructors shared valuable insights and guidance with the students, offering constructive feedback to aid in their growth. Simultaneously, the students themselves expressed their perspectives, emphasizing the significance of such events and the profound impact they have on their personal and professional development. Ultimately, the session concluded as a joyous and unforgettable experience for all the students and organizers involved in this commendable endeavor.