Sri Lanka University Games

Congratulations to all stupendous athletes of Japura who contributed towards this journey of victory in the Sri Lanka University Games 2016!

This date goes down in history as the first ever SLUG competition triumphed by the athletes of Japura and it indeed is a day calling for celebration! Many days and nights of hard work have finally reaped its fruits therefore while congratulating everyone who contributed in making this dream a reality, a very special note of acknowledgement is extended towards the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sampath Amaratunga, Head of the Department of Physical Sciences, Ms.Tamara Jayasekara and her team together with all academic and nonacademic staff of the university who made this victory a possibility.

Once again Congratulations to all the winners and better luck to all who couldn’t achieve their goal this time around. May this be the first of many to come!

New meet records

Track and Field

Event Timing / Distance Name Record
Javelin throw (boys) 69.22 R.M.S.J. Ranasinghe *NUGR
Discuss throw (boys) 37.64 W.M.G.P. Wijesinghe *NUGR
Pole vault (boys) 3.50 W.S. Chandrakumara *BPUGR
Long jump (boys) 7.41 G.K.D.S. Piyarathne *NUGR
7.2 H.L.L. Dilakara *BPUGR
4X100m 43.6 University of Sri Jayewardenepura *BPUGR


Name Event Timing Record
K.P. Manawadu 50m Butterfly Stroke 26.57 *NUGR
100m Butterfly Stroke 1:00.32 *NMR
50m Free Style 25.28 *NUGR
University of Sri Jayewardenepura 4X100m medley relay (boys) 4:54.76 *NUGR
4X100m freestyle relay (boys) 4:14.44 *NUGR


Name Event Record
G.W.U.S. Kumara Snatch – 83kg *NUGR
W.A.W. Pramuda Snatch – 80kg *BPUGR
G.W.U.S. Kumara Total – 183kg *BPUGR